Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just a piece....

I've been working on a book...for a loooong time. Just thought I'd share a little piece of it :)

The moon hung violently against the black sky, its orange glow bleeding onto the streets of empty houses. The echo of each step as hollow as his heart, he ran. He could feel the wind and hear it howling. It stung his tears like bleach to a wound. The world was spinning, and he was still....or was the world still while he spun? He twisted the feeling in his mind trying to forget that he had no where to go.

He steadied his pace and rounded the broken pavement of the abandoned road. Menacing windows and absent street lights, but at least he was alone. Hadn't he longed for silence as they accused him? Didn't he wish for freedom from the brightness of that room, the green of that metal table? He had reverently hoped to crawl inside himself, for the lone land of his mind. But, as he breathed the bitterness of winter, alone in the darkness, chained only to his feet, he felt more lost than ever.

Jenna Christopher

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